Guardianes que dibujan puentes entre culturas...

Evenings of Theatre

A bitter sweet comedy of today's young adults.

In an exclusive country club a group of young adults, some married, some not, meet in The Club Room, a space for the adolescent to gather and party. But they are no longer adolescents and through a series of holiday theme reunions (New Years, St. Patrick's Day, April Fools, Thanksgiving… etc.) this brittle comedy unfolds: One of the group returns after a two year absence, another is engaged to a working class outsider, there is drinking and laughter, and eventually little lies are found out, betrayals are ever present, old relationships come and go, there is charm and wit, and fun is made of the outside world as the fear of the future and adulthood peeks through the jokes and the laughter. The Country Club: Who loves who, who is sleeping with whom, and what life is all about.


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