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Love & Relationship Idioms

ask for someone's hand in marriage
- to ask someone to marry you

After dating his girlfriend for several years the man finally asked for her hand in marriage.

attracted to (someone)
- to feel a physical or emotional attraction to someone

I was attracted to the woman at the party from the moment that I first met her.

blind date
- a date where the two people have never met before

I went on a blind date in university but it was not too successful.

break (someone's) heart
- to cause someone emotional pain

The man broke his girlfriend's heart when he told her that he no longer loved her.

break up
- to end a relationship

The couple broke up after dating for more than three years.

crazy about (someone)
- to think that another person is wonderful

My cousin has been crazy about her colleague for many months now.

date (someone)
- to go on a date with someone, to have a date with someone

My sister has been dating her boyfriend for about two years.

dig (someone)
- to like someone a lot

The girl really digs the boy in her chemistry class.

double date
- a date where two couples do something together

It was fun to go on the double date even though everybody wanted to do something different.

dump (someone)
- to end a relationship by telling someone that you do not want to see him or her

The woman dumped her boyfriend after they had a big fight.

fall for (someone)
- to begin to feel love for someone

The woman always falls for the wrong person and is never happy.

fall in love (with someone)

- to begin to experience feelings of love for someone

The man fell in love with a woman from his university class and they got married several months later.

find Mr. Right
- to find the right or perfect person

The woman is always hoping to find Mr. Right but so far she has not had any luck.

find the right girl/guy

- to find the right partner, to find the person you want to marry

The woman is always making an effort to find the right guy.

first love

- the first person that one falls in love with

The girl's first love was with a boy in her high school art class.

get along with (someone)
- to have a good friendly relationship with someone

The woman gets along with everybody very well.

get back together
- to return to a relationship or marriage after separating

The man got back together with his girlfriend after separating for several months last winter.

get engaged

- to decide to marry someone

The man got engaged to his wife several years before they got married.

get hitched

- to get married

My sister and her boyfriend surprised everyone by suddenly getting hitched last weekend.

get serious (with someone)

- to become more serious with someone (used for a relationship)

The two students dated for several months before they began to get serious.

give (someone or something) a second chance
- to try to save a relationship by forgiving and welcoming the other person back, to give a person or a relationship a second chance

The girl's boyfriend left her for several months but when he came back she was happy to give him a second chance.

go dutch
- to go on a date where each person pays half of the expenses

Many university students have little money so they often go dutch when they go on a date.

good together
- to be able to get along well with each other

The couple are good together and nobody has ever seen them argue.

go out with (someone)

- to go on a date or to be dating someone

I am going out with a woman from my hiking club.

go steady

- to date one person regularly (not so common recently but at one time used often by teenagers)

The two students have been going steady for three years now.

have a crush (on someone)
- to have strong feelings of love for someone (often for a short time and with no results)

The girl has a crush on a boy in her class.

have a thing for (someone)
- to be attracted and care about someone

The girl has a thing for the new boy in her class.

head over heels in love with (someone)
- to be very much in love with someone, to be completely in love

My friend is head over heels in love with someone in his company.

hit it off (with someone)
- to get along well with someone (from the first time that you meet that person)

I hit it off with a woman in my photography class and we have been dating for several months now.

hung up on (someone)
- to be obsessed with another person, to be interested in another person

The young woman is hung up on a member of her tennis club.

interested in (someone)
- to have a romantic interest in someone and possibly want to date that person

My sister is interested in someone from her university biology class.

kiss and makeup

- to become friends again after a fight or argument

After they have a fight the couple is quick to kiss and make up.

leave (someone) at the altar
- to decide not to marry someone at the last minute

The man became very nervous and decided to leave his girlfriend at the altar.

leave (someone) for (someone else)

- to end a relationship with your partner and start a relationship with someone else

The man left his wife for his secretary but soon discovered that his life was worse than before.

love at first sight
- to fall in love with someone or something the first time that one sees him or her or it

When I saw the woman at the party it was love at first sight and I knew that I wanted to meet her.

The woman loved the house. It was love at first sight.

made for each other

- to get along extremely well with another person

The man and woman get along very well together and seem to be made for each other.

make eyes at (someone)
- to look at someone in a way that makes it clear that you like that person and find him or her attractive

The man became angry when he saw that his girlfriend was making eyes at someone else at the party.

make up

- to forgive each other after an argument, to begin to see each other again after ending a relationship

The couple had a big fight at the restaurant but they made up and things quickly got back to normal.

The boy and girl separated but recently they made up and began seeing each other again.

a match made in heaven
- a couple who get along perfectly

When the two people finally got together it was a match made in heaven and everybody thought that they would stay together forever.

 meet the right girl/guy
- to meet the right partner, to meet the person that you want to marry

The woman always joked that she would never return home if she met the right guy.

on the rocks

- to be in a state of difficulty, to be having problems (usually used for a relationship)

The couple are experiencing many problems at the moment and their relationship appears to be on the rocks.

the one (for someone)

- the right partner, the right person to marry

When I introduced my girlfriend to my mother she said that she was the one for me.

one and only

- the only person that one loves

The man's wife was his one and only since they met in high school.

patch up a relationship
- to repair a broken relationship

The couple wanted to separate but they managed to patch up their relationship and are now very happy together.

perfect couple
- two people who appear to get along perfectly

Our neighors seem to be the perfect couple.

pop the question
- to ask someone to marry you

The man thought about things carefully before he actually decided to pop the question.

puppy love
- infatuation (strong feelings of love) between school-age children or teenagers

The two teenagers thought that their love was the greatest in the world. Other people thought that it was only puppy love.

say I do
- to get married (during a wedding ceremony it is common to say "I do" when you agree to marry your partner)

The man was very happy to say "I do" at the wedding ceremony.

seeing (someone)
- to be dating someone on a regular basis

The woman was not seeing anyone when she met a man who she liked at the party.

set a date
- to decide on a date for a wedding

After thinking about marriage for a long time the couple decided to set a date.

settle down
- to establish a regular routine after getting married

After dating many women the young man finally decided to settle down.

split up

- to end a relationship

The girl and her boyfriend decided to split up after being together for seven years.

steal (someone's) heart
- to cause someone to fall in love with you

The woman stole the heart of the man who was working beside her at her office.

take one's vows
- to get married and take your wedding vows or promises

The couple took their vows at the courthouse in the small town.

those three little words
- the words "I love you"

After several months of dating the young man finally said those three little words to his girlfriend.

tie the knot
- to get married

After dating for several years the young couple decided to tie the knot.

true love
- a genuine feeling of romantic love

It seemed like true love until the couple began to fight all of the time.

unrequited love
- love that is not returned, one-way love

The woman was in love with the president of her company but it was unrequited love. He did not love her.

walk down the aisle together
- to get married (in this case in a church and where the bride walks down the aisle to the altar)

The couple have decided to walk down the aisle together and begin their new life.

walk out on (someone)
- to abandon your partner and end a relationship

The man walked out on his wife and nobody knew the reason why.

whisper sweet nothings in (someone's) ear
-to say romantic or intimate things to someone

The actor was whispering sweet nothings in the ear of the actress in the romantic movie.

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