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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

(by The Stage Company)

The most hilarious adaptation of William Shakespeare’s magical comedy:

It is our great pleasure to present this year one of the most wonderful comedies of all times.

A lovely tale with plenty of romance, magic and fun, enhanced with beautiful music, songs and choreographies. A different and effective way to discover the power of Shakespeare's work, its intensity and immortality, while being immersed in the most incredible and hilarious story. An original adaptation for nine actors on stage that all students of English of all ages and levels will be able to understand and enjoy. Excellent spoken English, the most varied material to work before and after seeing the play, a new high quality production you just can’t miss. Be there and let us softly drag your minds to the land of dreams where everything is possible, let this story remind us all about the importance of settling for no less than our dreams.

Adaptation: Alice Penn, Emilio Giménez Zapiola, and Carla Calabrese Music: Javier Giménez Zapiola Directed by: Emilio Giménez Zapiola Cast: Andrés Bagg, Sebastián Prada, Ana Vidal Bazterrica, Macarena Rodríguez, Carla Calabrese, Patricio García Haymes, Matías Taverna, Luciano Vittori, and Patricio Schwartz Lyrics: Alice Penn Choreographies: Alejandra Rappazzini Costumes: Alice Penn and Melania Bocchia Set Designer: Alice Penn

Scenery: Paula Sandacz and Cecilia Barbero Special Effects: Alex Matthews Vocal Coach: Andrés Bagg English Coaching: Vickie Krauss and Andrés Bagg Sound and Lights: Sebastián Salaberri Resource CD and Sound Engineering: Javier Giménez Zapiola

Teatro Globo, Capital
1 de octubre: 10, 14:30 y 19 h

Teatro Santa Ana, Belgrano
5 de octubre: 10 y 14:30 h

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  1. I had the pleasure to see the preview of "A midsummer night’s dream" in March. Really awesome and hilarious!
    The stage scenery looked very nice, creating a colorful and cosy atmosphere.
    Costumes and make-up were creative and appropriate.
    The actors are excellent!, they master the English language, and they are very funny and good singers too.
    But all this was possible thanks to the script, entertaining and plenty of plays on words.

    Congratulations to this great team!